• Caridina confusa - False Zebra Shrimp

    Scientific name: Caridina confusa
    Common name: False Zebra Shrimp

    Country of origin:
    Australia - NE QLD coast

    Temperature: I was told verbally they are similar in requirements to Caradina typus, and can tolerate a tank of 25c
    Water flow:

    Maximum size:


    Breeding: Freshwater cycle. (from Museum infor & verbal information)

    Tank companions: I was told verbally to throw them in with other shrimp if I wanted to, however given that they are a shrimp which has very little known about them in the hobby, it would be good to keep them in a species tank and breed them if possible.

    Very little is written up about this shrimp.

    There is a listing by Choy & Marshal, 1997:
    Caridina confusa Choy, S. & Marshall, J. 1997. Two new species of freshwater atyid shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda: Atyidae) from northern Queensland and the distributional ecology of the Caridina typus species-group in Australia. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 42(1): 25-36 [27 figs 1a, 2i-j, 3b-c, 4a-e].
    Found online, with maps & map references for distribution at:

    Noted by them as being found in "streams flowing through open grassland and remnant rainforest".

    I have been told they are comparatively hardy for natives, similar to Caradina typus in requirements & hardiness.

    Any further information that anyone can provide would be very helpful for completing the article, includng a picture of the shrimp.

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