• Nymphula sp. - China Graph Moth

    Hey guys, me again with another question and hopefully get some help.

    For the last 2 weeks I tested the water and PH Level is fine. Unfortunately I dont have a master test kit. So all I can test for is Ph. I did a 20% water change and the next week a 50% with Prime added to the new water.

    Then I wondered why newly planted HC seems to be floating everywhere as if something is cutting them/trimming them. It is then I noticed I had a under water Caterpillar of some sort in my tank there about 5 of them and they wrapped themselves in leaves to disguise themselves.

    This is a picture of the suckers!!

    Not sure where they came from or what they are, can anyone tell me what type of caterpillar this is?
    I have eradicated them already thought but would still love to know what they were.

    If someone can tell me what these Critters are would really help. I have caught them all(I think) and they are in my breeder box ready to be eradicated!

    Thanks in Advance.

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    The underwater caterpillar is probably an undescribed form of the China Graph Moth, Nymphula sp., they are littler $hits that eat my plants. They are tiny whitish moth with a pale brown line pattern in their wing. The adult female moths fly around and lay eggs on the edge of the water then the caterpillars cut a section of leaf and make a pocket with the rest of the leaf. They munch away under cover. If you have a pond with water lilies in the tropics they can make a big mess. The Yates company make an insectide from bacteria, it is called Di-Pel and wont hurt your fish or shrimps but kills the caterpillars.
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      Here are some examples of China Graph Moth affected plants:

      Photo Courtesy of yakfisher
      from this thread:
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