• Paratya australiensis - Glass shrimp

    Glass Shrimp by enigma--
    Photo thanks to enigma

    Scientific name: Paratya australiensis
    Common name: Glass shrimp
    AKA: Ghost shrimp

    Country of origin:
    Australia - Eastern

    pH: 6.5 - 7.5
    Temperature: 5 - 25c (best at 16 - 20c, they will begin to die at 28c
    Hardness: 50 - 300ppm
    Water flow: low - standard
    Oxygenation: standard

    Maximum size: 3.5cm

    Diet: It is an omnivorous scavenger in its natural habitat, making it ideal for a clean-up crew. It will feed on left-over fish food in the aquarium.

    see this thread:

    It breeds in its native habitat when the streams & creeks dry to pools.

    Tank companions: It gets on fine with other native & exotic aquarium shrimp (CRS/ RCS).
    It may be attacked or eaten by Macrobrachium species, or fish which eat shrimp (are large enough to fit them in their mouths, or aggressive hunters. It is not able to harm fish with pincers.

    This is the Eastern States glass shrimp. There is another scientific name for the Glass shrimp found in the Western states of Australia.

    Like all other shrimp it is sensitive to copper, zinc and other heavy metals, which will be fatal to it.

    2 front legs have brushes at the end. It is unable to walk out of water - up nets or along floors. When caught it generally goes limp, lying on its side, although an occasional one may flick with its tail, jumping out of your net/ hand.

    This is a reasonable shrimp for people with a little bit of experience (beginners +1)

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