• How to better use the Articles Section

    We are currently working hard on improving our articles section to make it more into an easy to use database, and we do indeed have a couple of different things that we are working on to make our database here easier to use.

    Firstly, we have the ability to tag things, so far i have added only a few tags, but i will work on it over the next few months.

    Basically, it involves using the Advanced Search Function, we have started to tag the articles so that when you open up the advanced search function, you can write in say 'red, stem' in the tags box, tick the article box and click search. It will find for you all the plants that are tagged with 'red, stem'. This also means that you can just search 'red', it will bring up a list for you of all the plants that are tagged with red, THEN, you can see which ones also have the tag 'stem'.

    Secondly, we are trying to implement more Categories, these include 'red', 'stem', 'moss' for instance, we need Admin approval on this one, but once it is approved, we can put all the plants into categories, and each plant into multiple categories, you will then be able to view these by pictures like you do currently in the plant section (which is now a 3 column array of pictures). The categories are on the left side.

    This is all a work in progress, and DE is working incredibly hard to get these sorted. We are going to start trying to get some more pictures to add to the articles.

    One final thing, you are all more than welcome to write up an article wherever you like, i don't know if you can write it directly into the database ( i think/hope you can) BUT anybody that does will have the satisfaction of their article permanently there for anyone who wants to view it. We would also love it if you'd either PM me with photos to use in the articles that don't have them or if you want to just post the picture in the comments section and we will add it in later with full credit given to you.

    We are aiming towards a database that is like all the other planted forum ones, HOWEVER, ours is Australian, comprehensive, current and hopefully accurate.
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