• First attempt on high-tech planted tank (now Green Moss Canopy)

    Been a while since the last update...
    Last month has been fighting with diatom algae, now finally cleared, had some BBA as well but easily manageable.
    Mosses been slow to grow due to diatom, but now starting to take off. I have chose weeping moss as well, slow grower compare to the rest but will look nicer in long run.
    HC has been rampant especially on the trees, i have removed a lot today and just stick with mosses. I have UG growing on trees too!

    Some pics for update

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    1. Alias_Jester's Avatar
      Alias_Jester -
      Looks awesome dude. What size tank is that?
    1. Che's Avatar
      Che -
      Great job, looks great.
    1. Cheese's Avatar
      Cheese -
      Awesome tree scape mate!
    1. NewFishTank's Avatar
      NewFishTank -
      Thanks guys!

      You can follow the thread here

    1. Pradeep's Avatar
      Pradeep -
      Looks beautiful mate, well done
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