View Full Version : EDAS Auction 30th April 2011

15-04-11, 09:43 PM
Okay this is kind of the odd one out post here.. not even sure if I'm supposed to ask questions here?
But what kind of things are sold at the auctions? Could someone give me some detail. I'm interested in going but not sure what to expect

15-04-11, 10:05 PM
no idea but interested.

29-04-11, 07:57 PM
are you sure it will be tomorrow? Last time I went there there r lots of fish / plants from members. mostly cat fish. It s good to go but it must be your free day coz it end very late due to many stuff in the auction.

29-04-11, 08:20 PM
Yeah, its going to be tomorrow. Check the site if you're unsure :) And I think you can arrive/leave when you like so that's nice for busy people too.