View Full Version : Listing of my tanks

28-11-09, 06:12 PM
1x20L - planted tank housing 1x otto, 4x cherry shrimp(1 died during heat wave couple wks ago:(), 5x darwin algae shrimp
1x20L - breeding pair of convict cichlids, 30+ fry
1x38L bowfront - 4x electric yellow cichlids and 1x rusty cichlid
1x60L - 4x borneo suckers, 1x male crowntail betta (sorta maroon reddish color), 3x female bettas
1x220L - 30+ baby 1cm+ red jewels (did have parents but daddy died of bloat and mummy i think died of loneliness), 4x common bristlenose, 2x albino bristlenose, 9x clown plecos and 2x 3cm peppermint bristlenoses (thinking its getting too crowded so gona have to remove some fish.....)
1x90L tub - 1x male calico bristlenose, 1x female albino bristlenose, 1x female common bristlenose (never seem to get past the fanning egg stage, maybe he eats the eggs coz i check with the torch) not fair how am i sposed to know i got eggs if i cant check!

28-11-09, 06:24 PM
How big are your cichlids? It sounds really strange that so many are in a 20L and a 38L.

28-11-09, 07:59 PM
relax they only 3cm ish. im not that cruel. wen i feel they have outgrown the tank they will get a nice new home, gimme an excuse to get another tank :D